We are a veteran family owned and operated company servicing the NW Tucson area since 1999. We provide termite treatments, Termite Inspections, Pest Control, Rodent Control, Bee removal, Attic Remediation treatments, Attic insulation and Snake seal up of yards.
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Snake Proof Your Home or Business

Snake Prevention Services

Snake Prevention in Tucson, Arizona

In regions like the desert, where snakes are prevalent, the safety of pets and children is paramount. Venomous reptiles pose a significant risk, and it’s crucial to safeguard residential and commercial areas from potential dangers. First Inspection Services offers comprehensive assessments and can provide free estimates to help ensure that these spaces are secure from snake intrusions. Their expertise in identifying vulnerable areas and potential entry points is vital in developing effective protection strategies.

First Inspection Services, Inc. employs robust construction techniques to create a reliable barrier against snakes. They use half-inch metal screens, which are secured with stainless steel screws to guarantee durability and longevity. This method prevents snakes from entering a property and withstands the harsh environmental conditions typical of desert areas. With these preventative measures in place, residents and business owners can feel confident about the security of their outdoor spaces.

Furthermore, First Inspection Services stands behind the quality of its work by offering a two-year warranty, which covers any inspections or necessary repairs during that period. This warranty provides additional peace of mind, ensuring that any breaches in the barrier can be swiftly addressed. Additionally, First Inspection Services offers an added benefit for clients who utilize their pest control services. If a snake is found on the property during routine pest treatments, it will be humanely captured and relocated to a suitable desert habitat at no extra charge, demonstrating their commitment to humane wildlife management and customer satisfaction.


Rooted in the Tucson area, we're dedicated to keeping our local community pest-free.

Veteran Ran

Operated and owned by veterans, our business brings discipline and precision to pest control.

Family Owned

As a family-owned entity, we treat every home like our own, ensuring thorough pest elimination.


Snakes, while often feared, play a crucial role in the ecosystem, especially in desert environments where they help control pest populations and contribute to the biodiversity. The presence of snakes indicates a healthy natural environment, but when they come too close to human habitats, safety becomes a concern. First Inspection Services recognizes the importance of these reptiles to the ecological balance and ensures that their removal and relocation are conducted ethically and humanely. By using methods that protect both people and snakes, they help maintain the delicate balance between human activity and wildlife conservation.

  • Free Estimate
  • Use of Durable Materials
  • Secure Installation
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Ethical Practices
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Humane Removal Services
  • Expertise and Training
  • Preventive Advice and Follow-up


We prioritize addressing your pest control concerns quickly and with your needs at the forefront.

  • Complimentary On-site Estimates: Reach out for a no-cost evaluation of your pest control or removal needs in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Oracle, AZ.
  • No-Charge Termite Inspections: Offering free inspections for homes suspected of termite presence or for those undergoing sale.
  • Free One-Year Warranties: We extend complimentary one-year warranties to military veterans, first responders, and teachers for termite treatments.

Additionally, recommending our termite services to someone who then becomes a client grants you a free one-year warranty on termite services. Get in touch with First Inspection Services for a home assessment in the Tucson area.


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