We are a veteran family owned and operated company servicing the NW Tucson area since 1999. We provide termite treatments, Termite Inspections, Pest Control, Rodent Control, Bee removal, Attic Remediation treatments, Attic insulation and Snake seal up of yards.
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Frequently Asked Questions


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Does your pest contol service require a contract?


Can you provide me a termite warranty without treating my house?


Do you take over existing termite warranties from other companies?

No, We would have to treat your home in order for us to provide a warranty for termites.

Do you provide free termite and pest inspections?

Yes, we only charge for attic inspections and for WDIIR’s.

Do you provide attic insulation?

Yes we do provide TAP insulation. Our insulation is a cellulose based product and can be added over your existing insulation or if you want to add some over areas where there isn’t any, like your garage.

Do you provide humane trapping of Rats and mice?


Do you provide mosquito control?


Can you give me a price for service over the phone?

In most cases we can give you a “Ball park” range for certain services, but if you’d like a set price, we would need to come to your home to evaluate.

Do you bill to escrow for your services?


Are your chemicals pet friendly and child safe?

All chemicals are made to kill or elimate, whether it be cleaning products or pool chemicals. All chemicals can be safe to be around as long as you’re not touching them or diliberately trying to consume them while they’re still wet. We always reccommend Keeping children and pets away from application until dry, dissipated, aerated.

Do you provide ``Spot`` Treatments for termites?


Do you provide ``One Time`` Services for Pest Control?


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