We are a veteran family owned and operated company servicing the NW Tucson area since 1999. We provide termite treatments, Termite Inspections, Pest Control, Rodent Control, Bee removal, Attic Remediation treatments, Attic insulation and Snake seal up of yards.
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Tucson Rodent Inspection Specialists

Rodent Inspection Services

Tucson's Rodent Inspection Experts

Our rodent remediation process is meticulously designed to ensure your home becomes completely rodent-proof. We start with a detailed inspection to determine rats’ or mice’s entry and exit points. This involves a thorough examination of your home’s exterior, roof, and attic spaces. Based on our findings, we propose sealing these areas with durable materials such as metal screens or concrete to prevent rodents from chewing through and gaining access.


Following sealing all known and potential entry points, we strategically place live traps in areas where rodent activity has been noted, such as the attic, on the roof, or around the home’s exterior. This approach ensures that any rodents still inside are captured alive, preventing them from dying within your property and creating additional health hazards. Regular monitoring of these traps helps confirm the effectiveness of the sealing; if no new rodent activity is detected and no rodents are caught, it indicates that the infestation may have been active outside the home when it was sealed.

Once we ensure that the home is rodent-free, our team will assess any damage caused by the rodents in the attic and recommend the necessary repairs. This comprehensive approach removes the current infestation and prevents future infestations, securing your home against further damage.


Rooted in the Tucson area, we're dedicated to keeping our local community pest-free.

Veteran Ran

Operated and owned by veterans, our business brings discipline and precision to pest control.

Family Owned

As a family-owned entity, we treat every home like our own, ensuring thorough pest elimination.


First Inspection Services Inc. prides itself on being the premier rodent inspection and removal experts in the Tucson area. Our commitment to thorough, effective, and humane solutions makes us a trusted leader in pest control, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners concerned about rodent problems.

  • Thorough Property Assessment
  • Identification of Species
  • Use of Advanced Technology
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Entry Point Sealing
  • Health Risk Evaluation
  • Recommendation of Sanitation Measures
  • Setting Traps and Baits
  • Regular Monitoring and Follow-Up
  • Detailed Reporting


We prioritize addressing your pest control concerns quickly and with your needs at the forefront.

  • Complimentary On-site Estimates: Reach out for a no-cost evaluation of your pest control or removal needs in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Oracle, AZ.
  • No-Charge Termite Inspections: Offering free inspections for homes suspected of termite presence or for those undergoing sale.
  • Free One-Year Warranties: We extend complimentary one-year warranties to military veterans, first responders, and teachers for termite treatments.

Additionally, recommending our termite services to someone who then becomes a client grants you a free one-year warranty on termite services. Get in touch with First Inspection Services for a home assessment in the Tucson area.


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