We are a veteran family owned and operated company servicing the NW Tucson area since 1999. We provide termite treatments, Termite Inspections, Pest Control, Rodent Control, Bee removal, Attic Remediation treatments, Attic insulation and Snake seal up of yards.
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Your Local Attic Sealant Experts

Attic Remediation Services

All of our Attic Remediation work is performed in house by certified professionals.

We do not subcontract any of our work. We will inspect and determine if the attic needs to completely “gutted” of all the insulation. Usually this is necessary if any wires have been damaged, HVAC flex ducts have been compromised or the rodent have been there so long, the amount of droppings urine stains are extensive.

If wires are damaged we will recommend having a licensed electrician come in to assess the damage. If the HVAC flex ducts are damaged, we can replace and/or repair them in house. We pride our ourselves on the workmanship we provide in comparison to actual HVAC companies that provide the same type of service and save our customers money.

Another recommendation we always advise to our customers during this process is to have lights or anything that requires someone to go inside of an attic to be installed, to have done prior to having the new insulation installed. Since the attic is completely empty, this is the best time to have these types of services done.


Rooted in the Tucson area, we're dedicated to keeping our local community pest-free.

Veteran Ran

Operated and owned by veterans, our business brings discipline and precision to pest control.

Family Owned

As a family-owned entity, we treat every home like our own, ensuring thorough pest elimination.


After the house has been sealed, repaired, rodents trapped and reinspected, we will then start the “Prepping” process. This process consists of a few things that most of our competitors that blow in insulation do not do at all.

Baffles are placed inside the attic and mounted to the joist right up to the facia boards. By having them installed, it will not block the vent holes and restrict the air flow inside the attic once the insulation is installed. The vent holes is how your attic “Breaths”. Some homes may not have these and may have vents cut into the roof, which provides the same effect but doesn’t require baffles to be used in this case. We will also seal the the protrusions going through the ceiling into the living space of your home. This will prevent the dust and insulation particles from getting inside your home and also help cut down on the amount of dust getting inside your home too!

Lastly we install box covers over all the recessed lights inside the attic. This will allow the insulation to be blown in over the lights, which will not “Suffocate” them and cause the lights to flicker or burn out if they’re not LED. Our competitors skip around them or blow over them, without covering them. The other benefit of having these covered as it will now allow small particles and dust to seep through the light housing and get into the house.


TAP – Pest Control Insulation

Unlike organic biological treatments, insects cannot build an immunity to TAP. This EPA-registered pesticide-treated insulation is safe enough to use around pets and people but strong enough to kill ants, cockroaches, silverfish, termites and other pests listed on the EPA label. TAP will form to your attic perfectly, reducing outside noise and maintaining temperature in your Tucson, Oro Valley, Oracle & Saddlebrooke, AZ home year-round!

  • Bee Control and Removal
  • Subterranean Termite Control
  • Drywood Termite Control
  • Rodent Control/ Removal/ Sanitation
  • Ant, Spider and Scorpion
  • Snake Proofing
  • Attic Remediation
  • General Pest Control
  • Cricket Control
  • AC Duct Repair
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We prioritize addressing your pest control concerns quickly and with your needs at the forefront.

  • Complimentary On-site Estimates: Reach out for a no-cost evaluation of your pest control or removal needs in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Oracle, AZ.
  • No-Charge Termite Inspections: Offering free inspections for homes suspected of termite presence or for those undergoing sale.
  • Free One-Year Warranties: We extend complimentary one-year warranties to military veterans, first responders, and teachers for termite treatments.

Additionally, recommending our termite services to someone who then becomes a client grants you a free one-year warranty on termite services. Get in touch with First Inspection Services for a home assessment in the Tucson area.


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