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Dealing With a Bee Infestation in Tucson, Oro Valley, Oracle or Saddlebrooke, AZ?

Our bee exterminators at First Inspection Services Inc. will tell them to buzz off

No matter what kind of bees are buzzing around your home in Tucson, Oro Valley, Oracle & Saddlebrooke, AZ, First Inspection Services Inc. can remove them safely. Here are a few ways that we deal with bees:


  • If bees are swarming around a bush or tree, we recommend waiting a few days to see if they're here to stay. When we confirm they've made a home in your trees, we'll perform a live extraction to safely remove them from the area.
  • If bees are hiding behind the walls of your home, we'll kill them or extract them to prevent them from swarming inside your home.
  • If you're dealing with aggressive African bees, we'll perform foam or dust removal.

Keep your family safe from dangerous bees. Contact First Inspection Services now to learn more about our bee removal services.

Did honeybees leave something sweet behind?

Sometimes, honeybees will leave honey in the walls of your home. When this happens, we'll remove the honey to avoid destroying your drywall. Call 520-818-2238 today to hire a bee exterminator in the Greater Tucson, AZ area.