animal control service oracle az

Most or almost all of Arizona homes are surrounded by native desert, washes and various desert environments, all of which are inhabited by different wildlife. One of the most common being snakes. Living in Arizona it's important to properly protect your home and loved ones from hazardous situations like rattlesnake encounters. Pets are included and vulnerable to the desert environment as well.

The best way to ensure that snakes stay out of your backyard are physical barriers. With our low-profile snake proofing design, we can assure the safety of your backyard. If the snakes can't get in then it is of no use to them. By manipulating the snake's natural behavior, the barrier will lead them past your property and back to the desert. (We cannot keep snakes from getting into the front yard).

Natural factors like food (packrats, mice, etc.) water or shelter can potentially attract snakes to your property. if you live close to any native desert areas you are most likely to encounter a snake incidentally from time to time.

At First Inspection we offer:

  • Free Consultation with licensed technicians and snake proofing professionals
  • Exceptional level of defense from rattlesnakes by means of prevention including barriers and removal
  • rodent service combination packaging

For prevention of snakes and rodents, always keep your landscaping (bushes, trees, shrubs etc.) trimmed and away from the ground. Excessive amounts of landscape debris will attract rodents which then attract snakes.