Call Us For Rat & Rodent Removal in Tucson & Oro Valley, AZ

Call Us For Rat & Rodent Removal in Tucson & Oro Valley, AZ

First Inspection Services Inc. Provide Rat Removal & Sanitation Services

Are rats living in your home in Tucson, AZ? You need to call the professionals at First Inspection Services Inc. Rats can get into your pantry and other areas of your home and leave nasty droppings behind. Call us before a few rats turn into a full infestation.

First, we'll perform a detailed inspection to get an idea of the size of the rat problem. After our analysis, we'll create a game plan to determine what steps we need to take to rid your home of rats.

From pack rats and Norway rats to mice, we offer rodent removal and exclusion services to rid your home of any kind of rodent. Contact First Inspection Services today to schedule your rodent removal services.

What are our rat removal techniques?

There are many techniques that we use for rodent removal. Your rat removal plan may include:

  • Removing insulation
  • Wrapping electrical lines
  • Performing live trappings
  • Administering poison control

If we can't trap the rats and remove them on the spot, our poison control products will kill the rats later. Call First Inspection Services today to schedule rat removal services in Tucson, AZ.

Don't Forget to Disinfect Your Home

Call now to schedule rodent sanitation services in Tucson, AZ

Now that your home is rodent-free, you may find that unsanitary gifts were left behind. It's a good idea to schedule rodent sanitation from First Inspection Services Inc. We'll eliminate signs of a rat infestation from your home in Tucson, AZ. Rodent sanitation involves cleaning fecal matter and urine and sanitizing your surfaces so that your home is safe and clean for your family.

Sanitize any room in your home

Even if the rats were just chewing on wires behind your walls, you don't want to skip the rodent sanitation process. Rats can spread germs and diseases quickly. You need to take the proper steps to eliminate all signs of rats to properly decontaminate your home and protect your family. We can sanitize your:

  • Attic
  • Basement or crawlspace
  • Kitchen
  • Garage or outbuilding

Don't wait to schedule rodent sanitation after your rat removal service. First Inspection Services works quickly and efficiently to sanitize your home in Tucson, AZ. Call 520-818-2238 now to schedule your rodent sanitation service.